I looked at the Google reviews much too late. They claim to send you new items straight from the manufacturer but in actuality they are refurbished. I ordered a Plantronics Pro headset and I noticed that it had been pried open with a screwdriver or a butter knife. I also noticed excess glue holding the electronic cover plate on. Additionally the cover plate wasn't all the way on. I immediately discovered that it was actually falling off. The item that they sent me was clearly not new as claimed but obviously used with an attempted poor job of refurbishing. I attempted to contact them and they responded with the same apathy as described at the Google reviews. There were many many customers who completely distrusted them and described similar situations. In fact, here is the letter that they sent me.

sorry about that please send item back and we will send you a new one

please send the item back to:


14413 76th rd

Flushing, NY 11367

Please leave a note in the package saying Defective if item does not work and we will send you exchanged item. Thank you!

Please email me the tracking number or the delivery conformation, showing that the item was delivered. We will send you another one as soon as possible. Thank you.

We would prefer if you would ship with the United States Post Service and not with UPS or Fedex. Thank you for your understanding!

Of course I don't trust them to send me a new item. Don't deal with them, there items probably refurbished! In my case I received one that was absolutely used!

Unfortunately they are doing so much business that they don't even care about the people that are unhappy! I hope it catches up to them because they should not be allowed to sell!

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How nice my item was set for delivery Nov 3rd! I was told I would have it no later than Nov 1St!

Than item arrives and is not a new in package item like I would assume I was ordering since nothing indicated anything else. Instead I receive either a used one or reconditioned one. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB , FTC, and the states Attorney General today just so you are aware. Dealing with this company has been a nightmare!

Paid extra for quick shipping, was lied to when it shipped, and when it would arrive than got junk, not what I paid for. I ordered a new product and got a baggy with used stuff or reconditioned.


I received my package and sent it right back. After three weeks I had not received a credit to my account.

Now, they are saying they never received ( yeah right). Whoever the customer service person sending out those emails, they suck!

to Anonymous #1296966

That's why they prefer USPS over UPS or FedEx. No tracking = we never got it, no matter if we really did or not.

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